Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Rockin' at Shea Stadium

We all know about the Beatles and, unfortunately, Billy Joel, but a lot of other musicians played Shea Stadium gigs over the years, and here's a nice little rundown of them.

Anybody but Repoz will be very surprised to read what concert bill sold out Shea Stadium faster than the Beatles did.


repoz said...

"Police frontman Sting had said: "During the performance I thought, 'This is it, you can't do any better than this." That's the point I decided to stop."

What's that old Memphisian saying..."He that doesn't listen to himself during a deep period of reflection...will make even shittier records in the future than he had made in the past, as if that were even humanly possible."

Osmodious said...

I saw the Stones there in '89/'90 (during the Steel Wheels tour...those songs gave me an opportunity to use the rest rooms). It rained like in the bible...really crazy. The band left the stage for almost an hour...then, with the lights on the stage still off, we heard the opening drums of "Sympathy for the Devil", and with the first scream, they turned a spotlight on Mick, on top of this 50ft tower (no railing) in this bright purple raincoat. Keith had a 5 minute guitar solo (ok, probably less, but it went on forever), where he was dancing around the stage kicking water out of puddles into the crowd. A while later Eric Clapton showed up to play Red Red Rooster.

Never could stand the Stones live, but that show had some great highlights...Shea as a venue, though, was not really ideal. Being that the stage was setup in the outfield, you had a crick in your neck by the 3rd song (I was on the 3rd base side, 1st mezzanine).