Monday, July 28, 2008

MSM Love For MLB Trade Rumors

MLB Trade Rumors' Tim Dierkes -- who somehow finds the time to even stop by here once in a while -- gets a nice profile in the Sun-Times. Seems the lad is doing alright for himself:
Tim Dierkes always gets excited as the July 31 nonwaiver trade deadline approaches, but it will hold extra meaning this year. Dierkes, the founder of MLB Trade Rumors, is expecting to top a million page views Thursday, setting a single day record for his Web site MLB Trade Rumors.

For those of you who lost their MLB Trade Rumors to ShysterBall dictionary, "Thursday" translates to "multiple years" in ShysterBallese. There's more:
Dierkes, a 2004 Illinois graduate who runs the site of out of his home in Roselle, began the site in November 2005 as a hobby. In January, he quit his job in the search-engine marketing field and — with the blessing of his wife, Agnes, and the increased revenue from advertising on his site — works at it full time.
Good for you, Tim! If and when I ever find a way to make money doing this, I'm going to have Mrs. Shyster call Agnes to get tips on how to deal with a husband who doesn't have the decency to get out of her hair once in a damn while.

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Chris Heer said...

Tim runs a great site. He's very careful to avoid he-said-she-said unsubstantiated rumors and that sort of thing. He's very responsible, and yet somehow still ends up with craploads of stuff.

Yay, Tim!