Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Consider the Orioles

Baltimorian Russ Smith knows why people aren't paying much attention to the Orioles' steady improvement -- they're a little boring and the better-than-expected role has been filled admirably by Tampa Bay this year -- but he wants folks to notice these guys all the same:

Although I’m a Bosox fan, I live in Baltimore, work with a few guys who favor the O’s and attend a lot of games at Camden Yards, and this is, in fact, a pretty interesting turnaround in what was expected to be a complete rebuilding season directed by the franchise’s impressive president Andy MacPhail.

. . . MacPhail doesn’t have an easy job trying to resurrect the franchise that aging owner Peter Angelos did his best to destroy, but he’s making more progress than anyone expected at this point in his tenure.
I lived in D.C. and made many trips to Camden Yards and the city at large back when I was in law school, and I can tell you that Baltimore is a great, great town that wants badly to love its baseball team again. To the extent MacPhail is making that possible -- and to the extent Angelos stays the hell out of the way and lets him -- it's a very very good thing indeed.


Anonymous said...


I lived in DC and made many trips to both Camden and the old Memorial Stadium (ain't the beer cold) in downtown Baltimore. I totally agree that Bal'mer is a great town and they would embrace a consistent winner.

But the fans there have seen these little upticks before. And I think they will need to see some consistent improvement to believe that Angelos has really disciplined himself to stay away from the baseball operation. One year of roughly .500 ball won't be enough to bring the fans back.

Anonymous said...

I disagree. I live in Rochester most of the year, but am from B'more, and being back in Maryland for the summer, you can tell there is a distinct amount of excitement around the team. It's been a long time since the O's even sniffed .500 in August that I think Baltimore is excited for what the next 2 years could hold.

One year of mediocre ball won't bring a lot of people back, but it is definitely bringing some people back.

Dre said...

Just have to wait a bit for MacPhailure to get settled in, then he'll send the franchise to all time lows