Thursday, July 24, 2008

Teixeira Rumblings

Rosenthal, though admitting it's a long shot, is beating the drum for the Braves to trade Teixeira to the Dbacks in a deal involving Conor Jackson as the main player coming back. That would be great for the Braves -- they simply have no one at first to replace Teixeira going forward -- but they'd have to add stuff for Arizona to give up a really good player whom they control for a while in exchange for a Teixeira rental. But let's face it: the Dbacks are barely treading water in the West, and an addition like Teixeira could end that race before it truly gets going. Stranger things have happened.

All of this hinges, of course, on whether the Braves think they're sellers. I desperately want them to be at this point, though it's not at all clear that the front office feels that way. It goes against every ethical consideration in all of fandom, but I'm sorta hoping that Chipper's hamstring and Hudson's elbow, while not turning out to be serious injuries, keep them on the shelf long enough to make Wren throw in the towel and start trading folks.


Dre said...

I wouldn't trade Conor Jackson straight up for Mark Teixiera, Robothal is a joke.

Craig Calcaterra said...

He's not suggesting a straight-up deal. He acknowledges that it would take both money and prospects coming back to Arizona. Sure, at that point you have to wonder whether Atlanta wants to do that after sending so much to Texas for Teixeira in the first place, but hey, it's speculation season.

Scott Reeves said...

As a D-Backs fan, this sort of rumor scares the heck out of me. Jackson may never develop into a superstar, but he is the D-Back's best hitter and he is still improving. I don't think this trade would quite lead to a pitchforks and torches fan revolt, but it'd be close.

Dre said...

Substitute Chad Tracy for CoJack and I'd start to consider it but would probably still balk at the idea.

Mark said...

When has Tex ever got a team going? To be fair, I'm a Rangers fan and I saw him start slowly almost every year. Once the team was buried he would start smoking the ball. Very, very frustrating.

Random Leather said...

Parker / Co Jack



would be great for the braves fan.