Wednesday, July 23, 2008

The Football Bible

The Sporting News relaunch has gone live. Let's see:
  • The cover story is about Michael Vick;
  • The text is in a difficult-to-read and uncopy-and-pastable format, making it blogger unfriendly; and
  • The football coverage outweighs the baseball coverage by about 2:1

Other than that, aces on the debut, Sporting News!


Anonymous said...

i blame these guys:

just terrible. instead of embracing the interwebs and digital in general, the sporting news has gone in the exact opposite direction and simulated a newspaper online. who was the bonehead who consulted with the sporting news to make that decision? tsn was kind of irrelevant anyway, but now? i'm shocked. they received some horrible advice.

Jason said...

it's a giant PDF, isn't it? dumb, dumb move.

Anonymous said...

what's the point of making their content "proprietary" when it is readily available in many corners of the internet? and how is this going to work on mobile devices? nice move alienating readers right out of the gate....

Jake said...

NFL only outweighs MLB by 2:1. Add in college, and it's more like 3:1.

I agree, the text is bad... on a small screen, I have to strain a bit to read it.

Terrible idea keeping the text un-cut-and-paste-able... But another thing I kept wanting to do was find out how long the darn thing was (34 pages, including ads). I wish there was an easier way of determining the length of the issue... unless they're all going to be the same length, which I doubt.

Mark said...

It's a giant Flash image, isn't it? Wow, that's horrible.