Thursday, July 31, 2008

Griffey to the ChiSox

Why doesn't anybody say "ChiSox" anymore? I used to see that all the time. Anyway:

The Reds have traded Ken Griffey to the White Sox. No word on what is coming back [cough!] PTBNL [cough!]. As a 10-5 guy, the deal awaits Griffey's approval.

So Ozzie, where you gonna play him? Thome is at DH, and Quentin and Dye have the corners. If you say "center," I am going to have to stop the conversation immediately, because I will have two very important things to do: (a) order the Extra Innings package so I can see every White Sox game going forward because high comedy like Griffey in center doesn't come along every day; and (b) buy some stock in the company that makes those big 'ol bandages guys wrap around their injured hamstrings.

UPDATE: Griffey has approved the deal. Who's coming back to Cincinnati is still up in the air. A guy in my office told me that Colin Cowherd said on the radio that the Sox were sending back Nick Swisher. Which would be absolutely stupid of course, but then again consider the source. I think Cowherd was getting it mixed up with an earlier report that reliever Nick Massett was to be included.


Peter said...

1. That outfield defense is going to be atrocious. Griffey in CF? Eek.
2. Still no word on what the Sox gave up, but in order to convince the Reds take the PR hit on dealing Griffey, doesn't it have to be something?

Craig Calcaterra said...

I don't think the PR hit is gonna be all that bad, Peter. Most Reds fans, while still liking Griffey generally speaking, are eager to see him go. They know he's done, and know that after this season he'd be gone anyway. A lot of talk among Reds' fans I know is how nice it would be to free up an outfield spot now so that it will be definitively proven by the end of the year that Norris Hopper, Ryan Freel, and Corey Patterson aren't a permanent answers. If Griffey stayed the rest of the season, Jocketty and Baker might talk themselves into that.

Dre said...

My guess is that Quentin HAS to move to CF. Coming up in the AZ system, he was always capable of playing CF but certainly not ideal.

This could really screw up the ChiSox though. I think a position change might affect Quentin adversely at the plate. He's always been a comfort guy who presses at times and that gets him in trouble.

Chris Heer said...

It's hard to be sure since we don't know what the Sox are giving up, but here's what I'd do:

* Move Thome to 1B
* Move Dye to DH
* Move Griffy to Dye's position
* Bench Konerko and his .214/.312/.349 line

Oh, and nobody says "ChiSox" because it legally classifies you as a dork when you say it.

Chris Heer said...

Grrrr! Stupid crap keyboard. I really did type "Griffey."

If Quentin really can play CF, then that would work out nicely. Or maybe the Reds are taking Konerko -- if that's the case, I take back anything bad I've ever said about Kenny Williams.

Jason said...

what about "palehose"?

Dre said...

can play CF? sure
can play CF well? probably not so much
can play CF better than Dye or Griffey? No doubt

Brian said...

If Ozzie is going to put Griffey in CF, I'd go all out and make Quentin the DH and move Thome or Konerko to LF. If we're going for comedy, why not go all the way?

Dre said...
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Dre said...

Supposedly its Danny Richar and Nick Masset for Griffey and undisclosed cash greater than $1M

Surprising to me that Cincy got no one who has a chance to an average big leaguer.

Daniel said...

The story over at ESPN is that it's Nick Masset and Danny Richar going back to the Reds.

As for their defense, I don't see how this is going to work out well for the Sox. Contreras and Buehrle are decent groundball pitchers, but Danks and Floyd could be hurt by this, Floyd especially since he's not a strikeout guy either. I think the obvious answer is to DH Griffey and platoon Thome and Konerko at first base, assuming Thome still owns a glove. You're going to be hurt a lot less by putting an awful defender at first than by putting a slightly better than awful defender in center.