Wednesday, July 23, 2008

That's Gotta Hurt

Josh Fogg got an owie:
Josh Fogg will miss his next scheduled start for the Cincinnati Reds because of a split upper lip, suffered when he was hit in the face during batting practice.

The right-hander chipped a tooth and needed 30 stitches to close the wound on Tuesday night. He was playing catch in the outfield, warming up for his between-starts bullpen session, when he was hit by Joey Votto's batted ball. The lip was badly swollen on Wednesday morning, with sutures on a cut running from the lip toward his nose.
I really don't care about the Reds, but man. Their bullpen has been toasted since the break, they're playing a day game today following a night game that went 11, and now they're an arm down. Well, a lip down, anyway.

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