Monday, July 28, 2008

The A's Get No Respect

From Bob Nightengale's article about yesterday's Hall of Fame induction, which focuses heavily on Gossage's and even Dick Williams' ties to the Yankees and is framed by Brian Cashman's trip to Cooperstown:
The Yankees could be represented at the Hall of Fame next summer with Rickey Henderson, baseball's all-time stolen base leader, on the ballot.
I have a number of problems with the Hall of Fame, but not one of them would actually keep me from visiting it. One thing that would, however, is if Rickey Henderson is not wearing an A's cap on his Hall of Fame plaque.

It's probably also worth nothing that the article devotes 13 words to Williams' tenure with the A's, where he won back-to-back World Series, and two whole paragraphs to his time with the Red Sox.


Grady said...

And how about our record setting reliever? I watched 30 minutes of SportsCenter, and roughly 45 minutes of BBTN (thanks to a delay in the Sox/Yanks game, ironically) and instead of even mentioning Brad Ziegler, who is an incredible story by the way, I saw the same replays of NL East games over and over.


Anonymous said...

I hate to pull the bias card, but if Ziegler was pitching in New York or Boston it would be a whole different story. Imagine if Joba started his career with 27 scoreless....