Thursday, July 24, 2008

Maddux Isn't Sweatin' It

Seems like everyone is answering my questions for me today. First it was Kranepool with the Mets stuff, and now USA Today's Mike Lopresti has tracked down Maddux to ask -- as I assumed in this morning's recaps -- if he is sick of losing and ready to hang it up:
"I like the game. I like the grind," Maddux said. "It sucks losing, but it's still fun playing. I'd rather play and lose than not play."
That's the tone for the most part. And it's consistent with everything else I've read this year about my favorite player of all time. He likes being in a clubhouse. Likes the camaraderie. The preparation. The day to day rhythms of it all.

So, what genius GM is going to be the first to approach Maddux to be their pitching coach next year? Sure, hiring an immortal as a coach tends not to work too often inasmuch as it's quite a trick to teach someone else to do what came so naturally to you, but I think Maddux may be the exception to that rule. Partially because he loves the clubhouse so much, and partially because his approach -- to traffic in an over-used cliche -- is such an intellectual one.

I think that, as a pitching coach, he could be the second coming of Johnny Sain.


Jason said...

methinks Moose could be the same type of cat.

Ken Dynamo said...

what will maddux do when he circulates back into the real world and has no more team mates to pee on in the shower?

Steve S said...

So if we have a new Sain, that means there'll be a new Mazzone in 20 years, rocking away in some dugout?

Ron Rollins said...

I want to see the Royals hire him for next year. Then we can see how Jose Guillen really feels about the coaching staff.

I'll bet he'll change his mind after Maddux puts one in his ear during spring training.

s1c said...

I can see Maddux doing the coach thing and I can see him being good at it because it will be about location, location and location.

Alex said...

Actually, wasn't Mazzone himself the next Sain? I remember reading that Sain was Mazzone's mentor, or at least his biggest influence.

As for Maddux, there's no doubt he'll be a good coach because he's already done it. Does anyone remember the article where Brad Penny talks about Maddux calling Penny's pitches from the dugout? I think he threw a shutout that day or something.