Friday, July 18, 2008

And That Happened

Mets 10, Reds 8: I'll admit that I was paying no attention to anything last night. I was at a firm outing with the firm picking up the drinks, and things got sort of blurry and sideways come about 11PM. What I do remember, however, was drinking ugly rail drinks at the Velvet Dog circa late, and seeing a TV showing the ESPN feed comparing Adam Dunn to Ted Williams at this point in their careers. No sound, of course, so I couldn't tell if there was a lick of sense to any of it, but based on what I was seeing there was nothing to it other than a home run total. Who knows what they were trying to show? Whatever it was, it wasn't convincing back there at the Velvet Dog. In any event, way to go, Francisco Cordero! A big blown save leads to the Mets' 10th straight win.

Cardinals 4, Padres 3: Solo shots and Kyle Lohse goodness seal the deal. Need I remind people once again just how totally available Lohse was to any team who wanted him back in February? OK, good.

Tigers 6, Orioles 5: Leyland probably won't complain about this game, even if it is on Thursday night.

Rockies 5, Pirates 3: Clint Hurdle is happy that he is no longer managing Billy Wagner and Dan Uggla.

A real schedule resumes tonight. Thank the creator.


Mark Runsvold said...

Thank goodness we grabbed Carlos Silva, else passing on Lohse might be a source of regret.

Peter said...

Thank goodness we grabbed Livan Hernandez (for $5M, no less), else passing on Lohse might be a source of regret. [/Twins]

Dre said...

why the Twins are sitting on Liriano and still running out Livan to the mound is a joke. They ARE in the race... put your 5 best starters out there and go for it.

Brian said...

The Dunn/Williams thing was specifically done (ha!) to show that while they've hit the same number of homers at the same point in their careers, their other numbers are wildly different.

matt said...

Thank goodness we grabbed Kris Benson, else passing on Lohse might be a source of regret.

Mark said...

The mean Alexander Cartwright, I suppose?