Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Manny to Philly?

That's the rumor, anyway:
It isn't yet known what players Boston seeks in a potential trade with the Phillies. However, left fielder Pat Burrell is having a similar year statistically (.277/.400/.585 with 26 HRs and 61 RBIs in 103 games for Burrell; .304/.400/.538 with 20 HRs and 68 RBIs in 98 games for Ramirez) and could be a logical fit. Like Ramirez, Burrell has a no-trade clause. In the past, Burrell has indicated a willingness to waive his no-trade provision only to go to Boston or the Yankees.
I guess what makes me scratch my head here is the notion -- repeated in the article -- that Manny has trouble playing in a city that is as "baseball intense" as Boston. If that's the case what, exactly, does he think is going to greet him in Philly?

That aside, I would kinda like to see that trade, simply for the spectacle of it all. Sending Manny to Los Angeles or exiling him in Miami -- two other possible destinations mentioned in the article -- just wouldn't be as entertaining for fans absent a rooting interest in the teams involved.

And really, that's how I'm planning on coping with the Braves' implosion this year: reveling in the fact that I need not worry about the competitive implications for my team of any of the big trades going down, at least now that the Teixeira trade is done. The Mets and Phillies pick up big bats or a rent-an-ace? Who cares? Entertain me!


Matt said...

I may be in the minority here, but as a Phillies fan I say "No, no, a hundred times no."

They are similar players this year besides Burrell's 50 extra points of slugging percentage. It would almost be like the Phillies trading Pat Burrell for a Pat Burrell who is four years older, makes more money (albeit a negligible amount), and has obvious attitude problems. I just don't see why it makes sense on the Phillies part unless the Red Sox throw in another significant player.

And since the Phillies should hold out for a significant player, I don't see why the Red Sox would trade two months of Manny Ramirez and an additional player for the equivalent of two months of Manny Ramirez.

This seems like a trade that would be made to placate fans of both cities (although Phillies fans are starting to see maybe Burrell isn't as bad as they thought he was) rather than help the ballclubs.

One final point: I want Burrell back on the Phillies next year, and if not him, they need to sign an good right-handed power hitter. Burrell, being four years younger, is obviously preferable to Manny going forward.

Matt said...

Whew, I feel a lot better after reading this article saying the Phillies are not likely to land Manny.