Monday, July 14, 2008

IIATMS at FanFest

Jason at IIATM is cooler than you. Why? Because he hangs out with a better class of people than you. So do his kids (second pic).

Those pics take me back to a custom auto show my dad took my brother and I to back in the late 70s. Catherine Bach -- Daisy Duke to the ignorant among you -- was signing autographs. The old man took a picture of my brother and I with her. We were a bit young to be too excited about it, but we flashed our polite smiles, hoping it would be over soon so we could go ogle what we really wanted to see: The General Lee.

Then dad had his picture taken with Daisy. The joy on his face -- much like the joy on Jason's in that first pic -- was beyond obvious.

I don't know this for sure, but I'm guessing Jason has taken a vow never to wash his right shoulder again.


Jason said...

I am SO not cooler than anyone. The fun part of the signing was that I was the first one. I happened to be walking by as she walked up. One of the "Gillette girls" essentially pulled us in and told us she was there (no, I didn't fight to go, either). I felt like a mix between a stalker and a lecher, but she was so nice, honestly.

She took the picture and as I thanked her, she fumbled for these "trading cards" with her picture and signature on one side, and her bio on the back (no stats, sorry). She then says: "I feel so corny handing these out. My phone number's on it, too", to which I replied "Don't worry, I won't tell".

She asked the names of my boys, basically hugged them and got down to their level for a picture.

If only every "star" was so friendly and accomodating...

Naturally, my wife looked at me with THAT LOOK, the look that all wives somehow master, that tells you that she really knows how big a loser you really are, despite all attempts NOT to be.

Craig Calcaterra said...

Which was exactly the same look mom gave dad when she saw the Daisy Duke pic.

Cool story, Jason. Everything I've heard and read about Erin Andrews has confirmed your impressions. She's insanely (and genuinely) nice, works hard, and has no apparant ego or vanity about her.

Given the scrutiny she gets, I find that quite amazing.

Jason said...

#$%^&* Jenn Sterger

Anonymous said...


The blurb above the Erin Andrews post in IAATMS is actually a good one to follow up on: namely, soaring ticket prices forcing the middle-class family fans to forego game attendance.

I commented about this obliquely a few days ago in reference to the A's sagging attendance (down about 4,000 per game this year despite better than expected team play), and part of that I attributed to a ridiculous ticket price increase that places A's tickets higher than some comparable Giants tickets, despite a much lower payroll and vastly inferior stadium. Then I read in the SF paper that the Giants attendance is down 5,000 per game, due largely to no Barry HR chase.

Of course, Erin is a lot sexier subject and it is summertime...