Tuesday, July 29, 2008

And That Happened

Cubs 6, Brewers 4: Thank goodness ESPN didn't inflict this game on us. I mean, it only included multiple lead changes, a gutsy, 130-pitch performance from CC Sabathia, and a ninth inning rally by the Cubs to serve as the dramatic opening salvo to a critical series with serious playoff implications. The Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel called it "a riveting contest," that contained "big hits, big plays and a big finish," and apparently Brewer fans were absolutely nuts the whole game, putting an end to the notion of Miller Park being "Wrigley North." But again, thank God I didn't have to see that. If I had, I never would have gotten to see Manny Ramirez for the 126th time since breakfast nor would I have gotten to witness the latest rung on K-Rod's climb to, I dunno, 193 saves.

Twins 7, White Sox 0
: Kevin Slowey dominates the ChiSox, tossing a six hit shutout. Morneau goes 2-3 with a homer and 3 RBI. It occurred to me that if the Twins pass the Sox and win the division, there is a non-trivial chance that Morneau could win his second MVP award in three years. Would he deserve it? Probably not if current stats hold (he didn't deserve it in 2006 either), but he's the big gun who hits .300+ on a team that, no matter how many times they exceed expectations, seems to take everyone by surprise. That's a great way to win over voters.

Indians 5, Tigers 0
: The 1000-run offense gets shut out by Paul Byrd and Ed Mujica.

Blue Jays 3, Rays 1: Is A.J. Burnett going to St. Louis? Hell, I don't know, but if he is, the Jays' asking price may have just gotten higher, as he struck out ten Rays and gave up zero earned runs over seven innings.

Cardinals 12, Braves 3: So Jason Isringhausen is a closer again, eh? Lucky for him he gets to ease into it, because based on how the Braves are going these days, the Cards won't be in a save situation until they leave Atlanta.

Pirates 8, Rockies 4: The Rockies walked nine guys in this game, and that's not gonna lead to many wins. I hate to bring this up in a game they won, but seeing this matchup makes me realize that the last time the Pirates had a .500 season, the Rockies didn't even exist yet.

Angels 7, Red Sox 5: Matsuzaka was cruisin' until he hit the sixth inning where he and Justin Masterson combined to give up half a dozen runs.

Marlins 7, Mets 3: Another Mets' bullpen implosion, this time courtesy of Joe Smith and Scott Schoeneweis, who coughed up five runs. Of course it was simply not possible for Jerry Manuel to bring in his closer during this bloodletting, because it didn't occur in the ninth inning.

Astros 5, Reds 4: Roy Oswalt wasn't spectacular, but he'll take a win in his first outing since July 11th. Whether he should have been pitching in the first place is an open question, but remember, the Astros think they're in a pennant race, so that explains a lot.

Orioles 13, Yankees 4: Adam Jones goes 3-6 with 5 RBI on a triple and a homer. Think the Mariners would like a do-over on that trade? The Yankees runs allowed for the last four games: 0, 3, 9, 14. Tomorrow is gonna be interesting!

Mariners 7, Rangers 5: Michael Young left the game early with a broken finger. Word on the street was that he broke it on purpose because the x-ray room is air-conditioned, and the official game time temp of 101 degrees just ain't worth it, especially with the Mariners in town.

Royals 4, A's 2: Greinke continues to be a bright spot, as he strikes out 11 A's in just over seven innings, backed by an Alex Gordon two-run homer in the 6th. Heh, get me, writin' a straight-up game summary!

Padres 8, Diamondbacks 5: After the game Maddux, out of sheer habit, said "I've just got to keep going out there and giving the team a chance to win, and eventually good things will happen." When reminded that he actually won this one, he said, "Really? Cool."

Giants 7, Dodgers 6: A definite hang-on-for-dear-life win, as the Giants roar out to a 7-0 lead, and then get no-hit over the last five and a third innings while the Dodgers claw back to within one.


Levi Stahl said...

Cubs/Brewers really was everything the description makes it out to be: it had all the drama of baseball at its best.

Dre said...

Micah Owings is officially done. That start last night was purely to showcase him. Someone may want to inform the DBacks org that we're in a pennant race and giving away a game to the Padres doesn't really help.

Rallying Cry of the 2008 DBacks: Hey, at least the Dodgers Lost!

Matt said...

Man, I'm glad the Phillies got 5-12 Joe Blanton of the 4.96 ERA instead of going after A.J. Burnett.