Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Sold! To the Gentleman In The Front Row With Way Too Much Money

At an auction yesterday, Babe Ruth's Old Era nabbed more than the market value of my house:
A baseball cap worn by New York Yankees slugger Babe Ruth has been auctioned for
a record $328,000 on Monday.

The sweat-stained cap from around the 1920s sold at an auction of Yankees memorabilia in New York. Hunt Auctions says the cap is one of only three Yankees hats in existence worn by Ruth during games. It says a hat used by a player had never sold for more than $100,000.
Of course, given the market right now, one of Sixto Lezcano's stirrup socks would probably go for more than my house.


Chris Needham said...

I need to move to Columbus*

* insert laugh track here!

Craig Calcaterra said...

I just wish I would have thought to buy a place when I lived in Alexandria back in the mid 90s. Nice townhouses in Old Town were going for $300K. We had friends who bought a place over in Fairlington as their we-just-got-married pad. Within a year they outgrew it, kept it, but moved out to Burke. Burke kind of sucks, but they own a place they paid nothin' for down in Fairlington, get a ton in rent for it, and one day they'll sell it for either (a) the college fund; (b) the retirement fund; or (c) both.

Columbus has its nice points (no traffic. Like, at all), and houses are cheap. No one, however, is getting rich off of real estate here. Not that anyone is anywhere else right now, but it's NEVER been a possibility here.