Thursday, July 10, 2008

Only La Russa Can Help La Russa

Headline: "La Russa is seeking help now, not later."

That's great news. Please pray with me everyone: "God, grant Tony La Russa the serenity to accept the things he cannot change, the courage to change the things he can, and the wisdom to know the difference . . ."

Wait, what?

Oh, never mind. He's just bitchin' about needing pitching help.


Sara K said...

ooooh, SNAP! Chris Carpenter, take the wheel...

Chris H. said...

The best bit is how the GM came back and said that they won't jeopardize the future of the club.

In other words..."Shut up, Tony." Ahhh, this is clearly a match made in heaven.

I suspect this is all part of a long-term plot to gently ease La Russa out the door without pissing off the fans. (Clearly the Wilpons have not been consulted on how best to do this.)

JDS said...

Actually, to be accurate, the article implies that LaRussa is looking more for left-handed relief help and another bat, with starting pitching "a secondary need.