Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Simpsons Did It

Remember when Mr. Burns hired Jose Canseco, among others, to be a ringer for the nuclear power plant's championship softball game against Shelbyville? That was funny. Sixteen years later it's a tad pathetic:
Santa Monica Barney's Beanery had a ringer for its softball tournament against the chain's four other stores June 23 at the Field of Dreams: retired major league baseball slugger Jose Canseco.

"[Santa Monica manager] Jonah Dumont told the other teams ahead of time that he had a last-minute hire whose name is Jose," joked Barney's owner, Palisadian David Houston. "Jose was really nice for coming out and playing with us . . ."

. . . Canseco crushed several home runs during the one-day tournament, one of which cleared the opposite field and landed in the parking lot over 350 feet away.
I've never been to Barney's, so I have no idea what kind of place it is, but according to their website, Barney's was the place where Janis Joplin had her last ever drink before dying, and Jim Morrison was once arrested there for peeing on the bar.

I guess what I'm saying here is that Jose probably shouldn't expect this association to provide the springboard back into the world of fame and fortune he no doubt craves.


Chris said...

From the Wiki article of the episode: Canseco was difficult to work with, and Roger Clemens made his own chicken noises.

Loztralia said...

Wouldn't that make Barney's quite literally the last chance saloon?

Anonymous said...

Sucks for Jose, but it's nice for the team. I'd love to get Jose Canseco to be a ringer on my company softball team. Who wouldn't?

Anonymous said...

I eat at that Santa Monica Barneys frequently, expecially during UEFA games (Are we allowed to mention soccer?). I'm going to ask them about that and report back.

Craig Calcaterra said...

Please do, anon.

And soccer is fair game. Just don't expect me to say anything intelligent about it because I know basically jack.

Anonymous said...

I work for Barney's and played in a game. Let's just say I wasn't on the Santa Monica team so it wasn't as fun for me. Jose also pitched and his twin brother Ozzie also played for SM.