Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Showin' Him The Money

Torii Hunter, Doctor of psychology (third item down):

Zach Cone, a high school outfielder from Georgia who was a third-round pick in the June draft, took early batting practice with the Angels on Monday and hit one home run.

Cone, who is expected to sign with the Angels this week, met several players, including Hunter, who showed Cone the pay stub from the twice-monthly check he received Monday. Hunter, who is making $16.5 million this season, was razzed by Scioscia and several players for showing the kid his check, but he provided a defense."

Kirby used to do that to me," Hunter said, referring to former Twins teammate Kirby Puckett. "He did it to motivate me."

I suppose some players may be motivated by that kind of thing. It will be pretty ironic, though, if one day Cone takes Hunter's job because he's younger and cheaper. If he does, I hope Cone shows him his league minimum pay stub.

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Jake said...

Any idea how much that is?