Friday, July 11, 2008

And He's Not Even Dominican

Here's the best story of phony age shenanigans you'll ever read. It's long, but everyone in this crowd has a good attention span, so it won't be a problem.

And I agree with Rich Pohle, the subject of the article, that it would make a good movie. You'd have to get the tone just right, though. If you take the typical baseball-as-religion or every-boy-wants-to-be-a-ballplayer tack, it will be terrible or, at the very least, shallow. Rather, you have to dig into the main character's life a bit more than this story does. Find out stuff about that failed first marriage and the first kid that goes unnamed and figure out what really makes this guy tick. All of the really good baseball movies are about people just as much as they're about the game, and as it stands, this story only gets you part of the way there. No huckster is truly carefree.

Tell the whole story of a fully-formed Rich Pohle, and you may have something.


christopher said...

josh wilker probably could comment on this better than I could:

Dan Whitney said...

This is a truly fantastic story! Thanks for the link Craig!

Pete Ridges said...

The all-time record for this kind of thing was set in British Premiership soccer, by a waiter called Ali Dia. It's incredible that the manager, Graeme Souness, has ever worked again.