Monday, February 4, 2008

The Worst

Dayn Perry surveys the worst players poised to open 2008 in the starting lineup. Of the Giants -- who managed to land 3/4 of their starting infield on the list -- Perry notes:

. . . it's challenging to impart just how bad the San Francisco offense is going to be in 2008.

I think he's right.

Speaking of bad lineups, I'll reveal that Dayn recently asked me to join his Diamond Mind simulation league for the coming year (my team: the Matewan Massacre). The draft is on Saturday. I think I'm going to take everyone on his list, Mr. Pierre included. Sure, it's almost certain that I'd come in last with that crew, but that's likely to happen even if I tried.

If I managed to come in ahead of Dayn with his hand-picked crew of losers, however, well, the taunting opportunities would be endless, no?


Seitz said...

Let the record show that even reading that article is more preparation for that draft than I've done. I'm convinced that absolutely no preparation will be a winning strategy.

Anonymous said...

Giants had 3/4s of the infield only because they haven't named a first baseman yet.