Monday, February 18, 2008

URL Available

Until recently, if you typed in the url "" you got a mid-1990s-esque website on which Debbie Clemens and/or a personal assistant of hers dispensed health and fitness advice. Today? Not so much.

Most will assume that her people took the site down because the HGH revelations pretty much render her health tips laughable. Based on the horndog traffic ShysterBall has received since posting a single pic of Clemens from the SI swimsuit shoot a week or two ago, however, I'm inclined to believe that they killed it simply to stop the perverts.

I'd share the best search terms that have steered traffic to Ms. Clemens' swimsuitly visage, but there are still obscenity laws in the country, and frankly some of them are too close to the line for comfort.

(heads up on the url switcheroo courtesy of the Boston Herald)

UPDATE: It's back up! Yay! Tacky knicknacks on me!

I can only assume that someone with a brain realized that doing panicky things like taking down websites in the face of bad publicity looks, well, panicky. Kind of like filing quickie lawsuits and going on 60 Minutes.


PONCH said...

I used to use Hostway. $7 a year, those junked-up cheap asses.

Jake said...

??? I see the website... Was it gone?

Shyster said...

Wow. It was gone yesterday (and over the weekend). My only guess is that cooler heads prevailed, with everyone realizing that taking it down looks worse than keeping it up.

Poetryman said...

Angel blessings