Monday, February 4, 2008

How Depressing

Last week I mentioned that I felt old looking at a picture of young whippersnappers with big hats. Today I feel old because Jayson Stark hosted a chat this afternoon in which he tried to determine which of the two pitchers I idolized as a young man has a better chance to be a league-average innings eater in what's left of his declining dotage.


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Jason said...

I hate it when my son says "Dad, you're older than (insert popular player of today)" or "Dad, (popular player) was born when you were 12".

And no kidding, he asked me about having computers and the internet and I had to drop this, making me feel as old as dirt: "They didn't have the internet and personal computers when I was a kid. They basically got that started when I was only in college". To which, I smeared my calves with ben-gay, too some vitamins and metamucil.

soon-to-be age 38 and miseable about it.