Thursday, February 28, 2008

Zumaya Watch

Joel Zumaya is making progress, even throwing a baseball for the first time in months.

I was going to wait a few weeks for this, but I'll put up the Zumaya pool now. Pick only one please:

What injury will end Joel Zumaya's 2008 Season?

Elbow strain
Oblique strain
Eye strain
Pregnancy (wife)
Pregnancy (own)
Guitar Hero
Halo 3
Burger Time
Alien hand syndrome
Restless leg syndrome
Tommy John surgery
Joel Zumaya surgery (to be named upon discovery of new malady)
Blackwater Fever
Rotator cuff
Cuff links (in eye)
Familial hyperlipoproteinemia type III
Spontaneous polydactylism
The Yips
Riley-Day syndrome
Stockholm syndrome
Capgras syndrome
Dislocated shoulder
Located shoulder
The Willies
Munchausen syndrome

Entry fee is $5. Checks can be made payable to the Estate of Joel Zumaya.


Justin Zeth said...

Put me down for Possession by the Prince of Darkness.

Jason said...

Carrying deer meat upstairs after falling out of bed of truck while washing it, having a q-tip puncture his eardrum.

Answer key:
Clint Barmes
Jeff Kent
Henry Cotto (occured while sitting on the Yankees bench)

Dude said...

gigantism, caused by an overdose of Mr. Burns' nerve tonic

B said...

I think I'll go with my own choice of Hysterial Blindness.

Jason said...

Sorry if this is off-color for this site but: yeast infection due to vaginal chin syndrome

Anonymous said...


I'm leaning towards flux with a touch of gout.

Anonymous said...

Yikes. I can't speak for all Tiger fans, but it's time for us to prepare for each season as if he won't be around. Poor guy.

Tracy said...


b said...

the vapors

Diesel said...

Dysentery, natch.