Monday, February 25, 2008

Since you put it that way . . .

There are certain things that everyone who follows baseball knows. One of them is that the Yankees have basically stayed pat this offseason and are relying on the young arms to develop.

But when you put that another way -- simply recharacterize it a bit -- it becomes a jarring statement: "[LaTroy] Hawkins, 35, was the most prominent player the Yankees imported this winter."

Granted, I don't spend hours a day thinking about the Yankees, but not until I actually read those words did it truly hit me that the Yankees are in a new world these days.

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Jason said...

Yeah, but that doesn't include the gazillions they spent to keep their "own": Posada, Mo, ARod. Over $350M right there, before ARod's "incentives" kick in.

But, in the larger scheme of things, the Yanks aren't throwing good money after bad pitchers as much any longer. No more Karsay-like middle reliever contracts, hopefully. And if we can just avoid the next Pavano, all the better.