Friday, February 8, 2008

The Keep Going® Hall of Fame

Just because you're an old-school, blue collar, throwback iron man hero doesn't mean you don't sell out to ridiculous corporate marketing initiatives:

Every day, people around the world are compared to the Energizer Bunny®. From athletes to teachers, to seniors to all around go-getters, these people are passionate, determined and, above all, they never quit. Starting February 4, 2008, Energizer (NYSE: ENR) is teaming up with Cal Ripken, Jr. to find the person with the most "Energizer Bunny attitude" so they can be the next member of the Energizer® Keep Going® Hall of Fame.

The Keep Going Hall of Fame honors everyday people with extraordinary spirit who live their lives with passion, energy and an unstoppable zest for life. No stranger to the kind of tenacity it takes to be a hall of famer, Cal Ripken, Jr., who in 2007 became an official member of the National Baseball Hall of Fame, is leading the charge by announcing the call for nominations.

According to the, um, story, last year's inductee was one Melanie Goldish. Goldish is the founder of something called SuperSibs, which is a nonprofit organization that supports brothers and sisters of children with cancer.

According to Dan Shaughnessy, Goldish was one of the most feared non-profit executives of her time, inspiring people to give money before they could even confirm their donation's tax-deductible status.


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