Tuesday, February 26, 2008

DQing Hardin

McNamee's lawyer apparently plans to try and knock Rusty Hardin off the case:

When McNamee's lawyers file a motion to dismiss Roger Clemens' defamation lawsuit against his former personal trainer on March 4 in Houston, they will also file a motion to disqualify Hardin from defending Clemens in that suit, the Daily News has learned.

According to McNamee's defamation expert, Richard Emery, the motion will center on Hardin's representation of both Clemens and Yankee pitcher Andy Pettitte in the time before and just after the release of the Mitchell Report on performance-enhancing drugs in baseball in December.

Whether McNamee is the right person to raise this as opposed to Pettitte -- who stands to be deposed by the lawyer with whom he presumably shared confidences -- is doubtful, but my gut tells me the issue has some legs.

My gut also tells me that Hardin would love nothing more than to find a way out of this mess at this point too, so maybe he doesn't fight it that hard . . .

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