Friday, February 8, 2008

Great Moments in Passive-Aggressiveness

This story about Barry Bonds' inability to find work plays it mostly straight -- home run king wants to play, teams are wary of his baggage, etc. etc. -- but then drops a paragraph towards the end which reveals that the author and his sources aren't exactly concerned about Barry's plight:

Some Giants are having a tough time picturing the clubhouse without Bonds at his corner spot watching TV, asleep on a couch, or strolling onto the field later than the rest of the group to stretch before a game. But that will be reality next week. The team's pitchers and catchers report to their spring facility in Scottsdale, Ariz., on Wednesday.
Somehow (sniff) the Giants will attempt to soldier on. Somehow.

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Roger Moore said...

The Giants players are spending their time thinking about Bond's annoying habits because they can't bear to think about what the absence of Bonds is going to do to their lineup. Last year, the Giants had an old, bad lineup with one shining bright spot. This year, they have an older, worse lineup, and that one bright spot is gone. I doubt I'd want to think too much about it, either.