Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Well, That Settles It

Given how much credence everyone seems to want to give a drug dealing liar and alleged rapist, it makes perfect sense that a man who was suspended from baseball for consorting with gamblers, was convicted of racketeering, extortion, cocaine trafficking, and stealing millions of dollars from pensioners is quoted for his belief in Roger Clemens' guilt, untruthfulness, and unsuitability for the Hall of Fame as well.

Will someone please alert me when anyone with an ounce of credibility of their own has anything to say on the matter?

In other integrity news, Andy Pettitte is lauded as a role model. Apparently role models come cheap these days, because this is the same Andy Pettitte who took HGH (a mortal sin according to just about everyone anymore), who lied about it when first confronted about it, and who lied about the extent of his use after the Mitchell Report came out. Only once he was put under oath did he tell the truth. Which means that, according to the author of this story, role model = person who knows to stop lying once the crime of perjury comes into play.

Screw Obama. I'm voting Pettitte!

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