Wednesday, February 20, 2008

El Jefe Maximo

Here's a fun photo-retrospective of Fidel Castro enjoying baseball.

But make no mistake: just because Castro shared a pastime with us does not make him a good man, and in no way ameliorates his manifest human rights abuses he and his cult-of-personality- infused regime unleashed on the long-suffering Cuban people. No matter how much the baseball-related pictures make us smile, Castro will always remain high on the list of history's greatest monsters.

I'm not an expert in this area, but based on everything I've read in recent years, the list currently looks like this:

Pol Pot

We must never forget -- nor forgive -- the horrors these men have unleashed on humanity.


Chris H. said...

Hitler before Stalin? I mean, I know he gets extra monster points for genocide, but Stalin's raw numbers oughtta count for something.

Rest of the list looks fine.

Shyster said...

Well, people have been arguing peak vs. career value for a long time, and I don't know if anyone has come to a definitive conclusion yet . . .

Ty said...

A "top 8 all time monsters" list without Genghis Khan or Tamerlane? Dudes, please. I'm sensing a very clear bias against dead-ball era monsters. Sure they didn't kill as many, but there weren't as many to kill back in the day, and they had to travel farther to do it. Plus, if you throw out western bias, Alexander the Great has to crack the top 10 -- right behind Charlie Comiskey. All those dudes smoke Castro. I don't know if Castro is even at the top of the contemporary Latin American monster list. What about Pinochet and Guillen . . .

Michael said...

ty I am puzzled by your comment...

Bronson Pinchet was great in Perfect Strangers - him and Cousin Larry got into some madcap mischief.

Guillen - Which one? I went to and found 11 different Guillens.

Diesel said...

Dear Shyster,

You forgot Marvin Miller.


Bowie Kuhn

Dr Paisley said...

Hello? Steinbrenner!!!111!!!!lventy!!11!

The King said...

How did Godzilla not make the list?