Thursday, February 7, 2008

Enter the Millwood

Here's a fun twist on those ubiquitous "in the best shape of his life" articles:
To help make 2008 better from the first pitch, Millwood spends two days a week at Mohler Mixed Martial Arts, a small room with punching bags, a ring and a padded floor . . . Kickboxing has allowed Millwood to get out some aggression and get his heart pumping at the same time. But it also helps his mental game. For the final 15 minutes of most sessions, Millwood stands in front of a punching bag and must punch or kick as Mohler calls out specific moves like front kick, jab, hook, uppercut and even Superman – a fake kick followed by a hard punch.
I don't know if martial arts training will help Millwood's pitching, but if it doesn't -- and he sports another 5+ ERA this season -- those dugout water coolers are in for a world of hurt.

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Anonymous said...

Millwood will never live down his poor perfomance with the Phillies, the crowning moment being Millwood SITTING on a STOOL in the on deck circle. That is an embarrassment to professional athletes everywhere. (as if going down on one knee is too exhausting.)