Friday, February 15, 2008

Don't Get Me Wrong

I've been piling on McNamee this morning, but that's mostly because no one else seems to be doing it, and I'm just one of those guys who likes balance and proportionality whenever I can get it. But in case it was unclear, I want to point out that I carry no water for Roger Clemens. In fact, I agree 100% with these comments from Bill Simmons' latest mailbag:

When you're an athlete in trouble and you have to throw the most important people in your life (wife, best friend, agents and players' union) under the bus to defend yourself, it's definitely time to re-evaluate things. I'm just saying.


Along those same lines, imagine the validity of this scenario if I had pitched it to you two years ago: There's a famous baseball player whose career will have a curious resurgence well after his prime, and eventually there's going to be evidence pointing to his possible usage of steroids and HGH ... but as it turned out, only his best friend and his wife used HGH! And he wasn't involved at all! You would not have believed me.

McNamee is a bigger liar on the mirco level, and for that reason, no one will ever be able to use him to make a credible case against anyone. Clemens, however, has macro covered, and what he has done and why since all of this broke seems pretty damn inexcusable to me.

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