Friday, February 15, 2008

Another McNamee Lie

While the crucifixion of Roger Clemens continues, we are informed of yet another Brian McNamee lie:
The day before the Mitchell Report was released, Brian McNamee lied to investigators for Roger Clemens when he told them that federal authorities had additional evidence about Clemens’s use of performance-enhancing drugs. McNamee’s lawyer said Thursday that McNamee made up the story in order to explain his own discussions with the authorities.

“They said they had video cameras from clubhouses,” McNamee told the Clemens investigators, who secretly recorded the conversation.

“They said they had — they already talked to players. They said they had testimony from other clubhouse people, some other stuff, whatever. So this is what the government’s telling me.”

Earl Ward, McNamee’s lawyer, said Thursday that McNamee lied to the investigators as a way of justifying why he had turned on Clemens and Andy Pettitte.

The fact that such a sharp bluff was ignored by Clemens means that he is either absolutely crazy or that he's actually telling the truth. The fact that McNamee is admitting to yet another lie means that we're even less likely to ever know which one of those things is the case.

Update: Yet another McNamee lie, this one possibly under oath.

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