Thursday, February 21, 2008

Potato Chips Are Vegetarian Too . . .

Prince Fielder: vegetarian:
What else can one share about the 23-year-old first baseman for the Milwaukee Brewers that hasn't been said or written? Try this: Prince Fielder is a vegetarian.

That 6-foot, 260-pound build is powered by wheatgrass, soy and tofu nowadays. No meat. Not even fish.

Well, good for him. He's apparently doing it for philosophical reasons and because his wife wants him to, natch. But his wife -- Chanel -- isn't just in the pestering-Prince-about-food business. She's helping him on the field too:

Besides his food intake choices, Fielder would like to make another change in his life, like not being the National League's error leader at his position. He committed 14 last year and ranked in the cellar for fielding percentage at first base. Fielder did not know he was that bad until Chanel pointed it out.

I wonder if Chanel can break down how many times Prince was charged with an error on 5-3 plays because the official scorer couldn't bear to write down Ryan Braun's name again.

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