Wednesday, February 20, 2008

On Arbitration

Everybody talks about arbitration but not too many people know what really goes on. Here's a nice article giving you a flavor of it, keyed to the upcoming Ryan Howard hearing.


joepro said...

I'm a Phillies diehard, and I read that article this morning. It's a good insight about arbitration, like you said.

As far as Ryan Howard goes, the Phillies are playing a dangerous game by going to arbitration with him. They should have signed him to a long term deal last year, but they are too cheap. Apparently, moneyball is not restricted to small market teams, it also includes teams like the Phillies, who would like you to believe they are a small market team.

Pete Toms said...

The owners hate arbitration ( 08 is the 35th anniversary! ) but I like it.

Most importantly it ended holdouts in baseball. As for it's inflationary impact ( owner's argument ), it's a bit overstated. Wang @ $4 million / yr is a joke as is Howard @ $7 - 10 million.

Don't you know the owners have never made a dime?