Friday, February 29, 2008

I'm Sure He'll Find a Way to Soldier On . . . Somehow

Bob Klapisch, while trying to warn Joe Torre that he's made an awful mistake leaving New York, unwittingly confirms just how right Torre was to leave New York:

Torre says all the right things -- it is, after all, still February -- but his friends in the business say it's only a matter of time before the non-Yankee reality greets him head-on. One person close to Torre said, "I just hope Joe doesn't end up regretting this" . . .

. . . In his heart, Torre probably knew it was time to leave New York. He's said as much recently, that he no longer felt appreciated. But why did he take another job so fast? Torre is in a new league, trying to familiarize himself with a roster of strangers, surrounded by a baseball culture that could care less about the Yankees. Someday, Torre may look in the mirror, see that Dodger blue and ask: Was it really worth it
I'm willing to bet good money that Klapisch once wrote something very similar about a girl who dumped him and only had to change a few nouns to make a baseball column out of it.

In any event, someone needs to alert him that Joe Torre spent eighteen seasons as a player and fifteen seasons as a manager for teams other than the Yankees. I think he'll be just fine.


Jason said...

Of course Torre will be fine. He doesn't need another W.S. win to get to the HOF as a manager. He's going regardless.

True, he wasn't regarded as a genius or svengali before landing in NY with a title-ready team at his fingertips (remember the "Clueless Joe" headlines?), but he should be find with a good club in LA and a less venomous fanbase and media throng.


Would somebody please explain to me if there is something about the "I could care less" phrase that I am missing. The phrase should always be "I couldn't care less," (right??) yet three times this week I have read the former in media articles, and never the latter. Christ, Idiocracy is coming true.

Shyster said...

I'm with you there, CCL. Drives me nuts.

Richard Dansky said...

I'm not sure how His Plaschkeness qualifies as a "less venomous media throng".

And it was always my impression that "I could care less" was half of "I could care less, but it would be difficult" or something to that effect.