Thursday, February 7, 2008

No Comment Curt? Schilling Spills About his Shoulder

The Boston Herald is reporting that Curt Schilling has a season-threatening -- and given where he is in life, career-threatening -- shoulder problem. Acrimony is afoot, as the Red Sox are looking to void his $8M contract. While this would be great for Schilling insofar as he wouldn't need to watch his figure anymore, he can't be happy about losing 8 million bucks.

Not that we know his feelings, because 38 Pitches is silent on the subject. That's Schilling's perogative, I suppose, but I have this feeling that Red Sox Nation would be far more interested in hearing about Schilling's health than his feelings about John McCain or whatever.

UPDATE: Schilling speaks.


Pete Toms said...

Baseball season has officially started. First 2 pitchers hurt - Schilling & Escobar.


urayoan said...

I can hear Shank Shaughnessy's typewriter clacking away.