Monday, February 25, 2008

Baseball and Politics

Last summer I took a look at how the presidential candidates go out of their way to show just how much they love baseball. Today ESPN's Jeff Pearlman notes that it's not a two-way street:

Yet while ballplayers are bound both by their disparate backgrounds and an uncompromised love of the game, they are also united by one not-so-great characteristic: political indifference.

Yes, in this remarkable year of presidential politics -- when John McCain has risen from the dead, and Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama are engaged in a historic struggle for delegates; when dynamic figures like Rudy Giuliani and Ron Paul and John Edwards fell short but fought passionately -- baseball players kick back and, ahem, read their Maxims.

Given the most recent example of politics and baseball intersecting, I'm actually kind of grateful most ballplayers are staying out of it.

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