Thursday, February 14, 2008

I Knew It!

This whole Congressional hearing thing was nothing more than a clever ruse to allow Pettitte to report to camp late. He must have tickets to the slam dunk contest or somethin.'


Anonymous said...

He did it, he won't admit it, nobody can prove it. End of story.

I watched the thing yesterday at work, so I didn't catch 100% of the testimony. I want to know, regarding Roger's well documented buttocks injury, does Roger say this was from a b-12 shot? Because, really, why would you put a b-12 shot in your ass? (As-if people really need b-12 shots!) Has roger ever discussed or been asked where the b-12 shots were done, and why?

Also, didn't he and his attorney previously deny his wife did hgh?

Anonymous said...

Shyster, sorry for so many dumb posts. I did a little "research," (ok it's googling), and it looks like a b-12 shot in the ass is the proper way to do it. But it really doesn't help unless you have a b 12 deficiency, despite what roger's mother says!

One of the funniest scenarios in the mitchell report was the blatant injection of "b12" by several hispanic players in the orioles' locker room. This b12 was obtained in the dominican republic by miguel tejada. Ironically, according to the mitchell report, tejada agreed to stop doing the injecions and take the b12 orally instead. From what I understand, b12 taken orally is completely useless.

Shyster said...

No problem, joepro. I appreciate any comments.

You may have missed this part yesterday, but one of the Congressmen went on about his mom taking B-12, and said something to the effect of "It can't harm, it could hurt, so why not?" As I've mentioned before, ballplayers will pretty much do anything if they think it will give them an edge, and B-12 is certainly included in that basket.

Anonymous said...

I'm addicted to this story, and subsequently, to your blog, hence all the comments. Maybe you missed it, but it was in fact Roger himself who said his mother recommended b-12, and then the congressman, said, "my mom takes it, too!" A lot of these congressmen were clearly starstruck by roger.

One of the funniest moments for me was the part near the end, where one female congresswoman held up a crudely made poster of Roger in four different uniforms. "Looking at this, I don't see a difference in your physical appearance." (not sure if she stayed after to get roger to sign her poster.)