Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Giambi at First

It was a week ago that the New York Post and this blog discussed Jason Giambi playing a lot of first base this year. Apparently nothing has happened, however, if it's not reported in the New York Times:

“It would give us a lot more flexibility,” General Manager Brian Cashman said. “With the emergence of Melky in center and with Johnny and Matsui in left, we have too many quality at-bats. Our preference would be to make sure we can get them all in the lineup, and Jason is the key to allowing that to happen if he can play first. It’s just an ‘if’ we don’t know.”

If Giambi could play first base — and Kevin Long, the hitting coach, said he could see him doing so in half the games — then the Yankees could use all of their best hitters in the same lineup.

I was all for it a week ago and, the wise comments of ShysterBall readers counseling against it notwithstanding, I still think I'd give it a shot.

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