Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Clemens' Referral

I'm not entirely sure how serious a "referral" like this is ("referrals" were what they gave us in high school when we got caught smoking in the parking lot), but it's something, I suppose.

Quick take: lots of pomp, little circumstance. Extended take: I gave it to Jason at It IS About the Money. Check his stuff out. He's far more on top of it than I am this evening.

And hang around a bit over there too. Jason is good people.


COOKIE R. said...

I just want to say that I am disgusted beyond words that our pathetic, corrupt to the core government does not do DICK about the bankers, etc. who have raped our financial system to the ground, while they waste time with a baseball player. It is befuddling beyond words. Our country is dead. Soulless and fucked. I am ashamed to the point of wanting to move away, my great love of baseball be damned.

Jason said...

Craig, I consider myself lucky to have "met" guys like you who not only share my love of the game, but also are incredibly good people, too.

Thanks for "collaborating" on the Clemens 'thing'.

You're a damn fine attorney but an even better person.

Be well,