Thursday, February 21, 2008

Manny Scratches Butt: Film at 11!

You hear about the allegedly insatiable appetite for baseball news in New York and Boston, but is it really so insatiable that this breathless report from Gordon Edes qualifies as news?
Manny just pulled in moments ago. He was wearing flip-flops, cargo pants (the fashionistas may dispute that description; I'm not exactly cutting edge on such things), a T-shirt that said Rock Unsteady brand LRG, and was carrying his own equipment bag.

Edes acknowledges the ridiculousness of filing such a report (" Aren't you thrilled to be getting play-by-play on such riveting business?"), but the fact is that he wrote it and some editor in Boston ran it.


Marcel said...

To be fair to the editor, it was on the Globe's blog so it probably wasn'r checked. That one's all Edes.

Anonymous said...

yeah Shyster it is Ede's Blog but we all know how haters have to hate to become haters!