Friday, February 22, 2008

They Do Things Big in Texas

ShysterMom and ShysterDad are what they call fulltimers. That is, they live in an RV year-round, and roam the land like migrant workers or fugitives or something. They like it.

Right now they're in Texas. That's ShysterDad in the pic to the right, beneath your typical example of Texas understatement.

And yes, ShysterDad is a full-sized human being.

In other news, all apologies for the lack of posts today, but whatever it is that hit me on Wednesday was pummeling me all day today too. It wasn't until about 6pm this evening that I began to feel even remotely myself, and even now I'm feeling a bit woozy. Thankfully, though, the worst seems to be behind me and I should back to a normal posting routine come Monday.

Thanks for all the kind emails and home remedy suggestions. You guys are the best.

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