Monday, February 11, 2008

Kenny Lofton to Cincy?

A distinct possibility according to Rosenthal.

If the Reds aren't simply going to hand the CF job to Jay Bruce -- which they probably shouldn't yet -- I like having Kenny Lofton around to keep the position warm way more than I like having Ryan Freel or Norris Hopper there.

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rsox02139 said...


I disagree. This is a classic Krivsky maneuver where he sees a guy he wants and moves without thinking of how much it improves the team. Kenny will be worth less than 1 full win this year to the Reds because Bruce will certainly be up by the AS Break, if not earlier. So, the Reds would pay Lofton (whatever the price tag is on Kenny) for the marginal improvement of Lofton over Freel/Hopper for half of a season. Assuming 41 year old Kenny is the same as 40 year old Kenny, that is less than 1 win for what will certainly be a couple million $$. Worse, it has the danger of playing to Dusty's predisposition for veterans over a guy like Bruce who will need at bats to develop. Whatever they pay Lofton is wasted $$ unless there is another deal in the works that involves moving some big chips.