Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Whatcha Gonna Watch?

The Phillies-Dodgers game starts at 8:22pm. The Obama-McCain debate starts at 9:00pm. Hmmmm.

I'm reminded of 2004, when on one single Wednesday night, Kerry and Bush went at it, the Yankees and Red Sox squared off in perhaps the most famous ALCS of all time, and my law firm was holding a banquet as a part of an all-lawyer retreat everyone was required to attend. As a man with his priorities in order, I made sure I did the right thing: I showed up for cocktail hour at the firm thing, then went to a bar where one TV had the debate, and another TV had the ballgame with the sound off.


Mr. Thursday said...

Phillies game is a clincher. The best pitcher on each team starting. Obama vs McCain is a contest that is, on paper, already decided, both for me and for the country.

Plus, the game will take 3.5 hours to play. The debate will feel like much longer, if that last one is any sort of indicator.

I'll flip over during commercial breaks, though.

Ralph said...

Nights like tonight are what picture-in-picture was invented for.

Peter said...

I love politics, but if I hear "Wall Street/Main Street" one more time I just might have to toss the TV out of my window.

Baseball game for sure.

bigcatasroma said...

Unfortunately, I have a politics junky for a wife, and even though she likes baseball, she a) is from Queens -- so she's bitter, and b)shouted at me "the election is important and only every 4 years" or something along those lines last Tuesday.

I think the "heavy drinking at a bar w/ two TVs to be monitored" might have to be the happy compromise.

Also, Ralph, we all know PinP is an awful way to watch. This is what TIVO was invented for (the debate, not the game :) )

Chipmaker said...

I miss having a PiP TV (got zotted thanks to a lightning strike last year). I couldn't find any PiP models on the market.

Not that I'm suffering, now with a 62" HD monster. But I just miss having PiP.

Michael M said...

I don't care if Philly or LA wins; Tampa Bay has them both beat.