Thursday, October 23, 2008

And That Happened

Phillies 3, Rays 2: This was supposed to happen, right? A strong performance from Hamels (7 IP, 5 H, 2 ER) and a Phillies win in one of the few games in which they'll have the starting pitching advantage. Expectations are a weird thing, of course, so if you're a Phillies fan you can't really be discouraged by winning Game one of the World Series. Still, given the pitching mismatches ahead, it would be nice to see Ryan Howard and Jimmy Rollins break out of their funks any moment now. More critical is that the Rays bust out the bats in Game Two, or else all of us experts are going to have a lot of esplainin' to do.

BTW: I had planned to liveblog the thing, but events kept me from doing so. I will say, however, that the first comment I would have had was about how interesting it was that John McCain seemed to have been given all of the Herbert Hoover lines in that opening voiceover thing, Obama was given the FDR lines, and how he and Obama awkwardly split up the JFK lines. I'm assuming that was subject to a tough negotiation, and that the Obama folks won that negotiation.


tHeMARksMiTh said...

Well you should have 5 more games to go. I would say three or four but then that'd be making a bold statement I'm not prepared to make, and I would say six but don't want to be a wuss.

Anonymous said...


Still I can't believe the Rays held their runner at 3rd in the fourth on Aki's single with one out. Upton DP's and the Phils are out of it with no damage. You have to be more aggressive in game one.

Also note that it appeared Kazmir had Utley out on strikes in the first, didn't get the call, then caved in on a strike in Utley's happy zone.

One of the appalling things about Fox coverage (and there are many) is their failure to use their pitch tracker with enough frequency. TBS used it on every close pitch. Much more illuminating.

Daniel said...

I don't know APBA guy, it seems like there was a good chance the runner (I forget who it was) was going to get hosed at the plate. It was a sharply hit ball. You've got your hottest hitter up with the platoon advantage and only one out in the inning. I think the risks of getting thrown out in that situation greatly outweigh the rewards. Just my perspective of course, and I love to see aggressive baserunning, but if I'd seen him headed for home as a Rays fan, I would have been screaming at my television.

Which is not unlike what happened when Aybar missed that bunt...

Anonymous said...

Did anyone else notice that when the two candidates were introduced, it sounded like: "SENATOR JOHN MCCAIN! And Senator Barack Obama." Then I remembered it was FOX... am I being oversensitive, or did anyone else perceive a difference?