Thursday, October 23, 2008

Post-Lunch Diversion

Not baseball, but funny.

As a rock-ribbed Batman man, however, it is extremely annoying that they left out the part where (a) Superman gets blasted by the nuclear explosion; (b) Batman builds his electric-powered super suit; (c) Green Arrow shoots the Kryptonite arrow at the big boy scout; and (d) Batman opens the can of whupass on him.

Because that happened. I read it, and it can't be denied.


Ken Dynamo said...

so the question remains, should old batman have ever shaved off the mustache? i say no.

Craig Calcaterra said...

It's a moot question: he didn't even realize that he did it, beholden as he was to the demons motivating him.

Better question: how many people noticed that he changed from the black-on-yellow chest insignia to the old-school black bat insignia in the middle of the damn story (because the black and yellow one was destroyed by a shotgun blast, but still).

Big fan of the simple black, by the way.

Mr. Thursday said...

Love that book. Family Guy, on the other hand, I can do without. And though I'm not much of a Superman guy, I think this remains one of my absolute favorite Superman moments:

Specifically, "I don't do that. I do this." Kill me.

Andrew said...

other sweet questions: what happens when wolverine tries to slice through captain america's unbreakable shield with his adamantium blades which can cut through anything? or when the unstoppable force, the juggernaut, runs into the immovable object, the blob?

Anonymous said...

They also forgot the part about Batman having the Kryptonite Ring in the Batcave, in the even Superman went rogue.

Sara K said...

OMG...I just realized that you guys are a bunch of geeks.


Chipmaker said...

Cap's shield is "adamantium plus", the only extant artifact made of it (by a secret, now-lost process, of course), and is pretty much the only thing Wolvie's claws cannot cut.

Bats used the yellow logo because he knew he would be shot at and it presents a tempting target since he cannot sufficiently armor his head.

Geek? Oh yeah, I can do that.