Wednesday, October 29, 2008

This Too Shall Pass

Alan Schwarz reminds us that for all of the sturm und drang surrounding this World Series, what we're experiencing now is nothing new, and really not all that bad. There was worse rain in 1911. There was an extra day's delay in 1962 despite the sun shining high in the sky. There were accusations of baseball kowtowing to the networks in 1975.

Amazingly, in all cases, baseball survived.


bigcatasroma said...

I of course kid with all of this. It just stinks that a world series game, in the city of Philadelphia is on the brink of a champion, has to take several days to complete.

In brighter news, Loud and Louder on the World Wide Leader this morning were muckraking, and talking about how Vegas paid off the betters as if the game finished 2-1. They are also taking bets for tonights 3.5 inning game.

I know nothing about gambling, but isn't it strange that Vegas/gambling is getting an extra betting game out of this??? I know it's not 1919 anymore, but still, VERY interesting . . .

(and yes, not I'M muckraking)

Daniel said...

Weren't Sturm and Drang the evil henchmen of Master Shredder in the Ninja Turtles?

Oooooh, that was Bebop and Rocksteady. My bad.

/No one else cares about the Ninja Turtles, do they?