Thursday, October 23, 2008

The Mariners Have a GM

And contrary to a couple of previous reports I saw, it isn't Kim Ng. It's Brewers' scouting director Jack Zduriencik, which means they stayed with the "two consonants together in an unlikely fashion" approach. Good for them:
Zduriencik (pronounced zur-EN-sik) oversaw drafts that allowed the Brewers in 2005 to end a streak of 12 straight losing seasons, followed this past year by their first playoff berth since 1982. The Mariners are coming off a 101-loss season, their fourth last-place finish in the past five years.

Among the players he drafted — Pee Wee Herman not included — were Prince Fielder, Ryan Braun and Rickie Weeks (first round), Yovani Gallardo, J.J. Hardy and Tony Gwynn Jr. (second round), Bill Hall (sixth round), Corey Hart (11th round) and Manny Parra (26th round).

He's also a bald guy with glasses, and I for one am happy to see this brilliant, sexy, and all-too-often overlooked minority represented in baseball's front offices.


Chris Simonds said...

Overworked? Blogging ain't work.

Craig Calcaterra said...

No, blogging isn't. But I said "overlooked."

Amos said...

Strange hire. He drafted Braun, Fielder, Gwynn and Weeks? Um, let's see. Weeks was one of the best hitters ever in college. Braun was a star at Miami. Fielder was, you know, Cecil's son.

Gwynn has yet to show he's his daddy. Hall? You're rewarding him for drafting Bill Hall?

I hope he has more going for him than this.

Anonymous said...

We'll gladly take him back in Milwaukee if people think he's unqualified. There are a lot of disappointed Brewer fans, especially since we'll have extra comp picks in 2009 for Sheets and Sabathia.

Anonymous said...

Parra in the 26th round? Not bad.

I've been contemplating a move to Seattle for a while. The Bedard trade definitely goes on the con-list. This hire, on the pro side.

P.S. Yes, baseball is a factor in my choice of residence. "Quirky", I know.

Daniel said...

@ Amos: Jack Z is widely hailed around the game as one of the top 5 evaluators of talent. He built a Brewers system that was barren into one that was pretty darn good. Jim Callis in his chat yesterday thought this was a fantastic move for the Mariners.

How many stars in college turn out to be duds? How many sons of former players turn out to languish in the minors their whole career? It's not like these were slam dunks. And I think most people will be satisfied with drafting a decent big league backup in the second round every once in awhile. You may be selling him short.

Amos said...

Daniel, I see your point.

I'm just saying that any scouting director who has been around for a while - and who isn't working for the Pirates, Royals or a bottom-tier organization - can point to the same success rate. You win some, you lose a lot more. So to base this promotion solely on the names cited in the media would seem to be a mistake.

Degenerasian said...

Great hire because the M's need to be blown up and start again from the draft and who better than Jack Z to rebuild it. He will be missed in Milwaukee.

The idea of Kim Ng is 'sexy' but she's not ready yet. She an executive and doesn't have enough experience scouting and drafting.

Being considered is good for her and it will help her in the future.