Monday, October 20, 2008

Back to HyperVision

Yes, Chip Caray leaves something to be desired, and yes, everyone was annoyed by the Steve Harvey glitch on Saturday night, but outside of that, it's good to remember, as we embark on a 4-7 game journey with Messers. Buck and McCarver, that TBS does a better game broadcasting the game of baseball than FOX does.

My preparation for Wednesday night? Moving my lounge chair about three feet farther away from the TV screen so that my eyes can better endure the closeups and rapid-fire cuts between shots.


Rob said...

Time to get that radio-synchronization device ready to replace the Fox audio.

Seriously though, I won't be missing Ron Darling. He had a few good insights here and there, but he also routinely said things like: "Lester of course, pitched in a Game 7 last year against the Rockies."

dlf said...

Darling is proof that an Ivy League education don't make you think like smarter or sumthin'.

By the way, I can't listen to Darling without remembering perhaps the best piece of baseball writing ever: Roger Angel's "Web of the Game," a New Yorker essay written in 1981 about a college world series game pitched by Ron Darling matching up against Frank Viola where Darling went all Harvey Haddix -- extra inning no hitter that he lost -- with Smokey Joe Wood in the stands. Beautiful. It is collected in Angel's Late Innings and is worth looking for.