Friday, October 17, 2008

Padres News

Peavy? Yeah, whatever, that's totally interesting.

No, I'm talking about the news that the Padres have asked Greg Maddux to become a player-coach (second item). That would be incredibly cool, even if the article itself says that Maddux is more likely to retire.

Of course, I'm so in the tank for Maddux, that I'd think it would be cool if he were hired to scan tickets at gate G.


Daniel said...

Someone asked in the Keith Law chat yesterday about whether you could make any legitimate argument for not voting for Greg Maddux on his first eligible HoF ballot. His basic answer was no. I agree with him.

He's done everything. Two of the 5 best seasons ever for a starting pitcher. Postseason success (even if his teams didn't always have that, he had a 3.27 ERA in October). 355 wins. A 132 career ERA+.

If there are any writers out there who won't vote for Maddux on the first ballot because of a stupid "No one should make it on the first ballot" rule, please resign from your position now. You are an idiot.

Craig Calcaterra said...

There's always someone. Willie Mays wasn't voted in unanimously for cryin' out loud.

Richard Dansky said...

I have this odd mental image of Maddux walking off the mound, into the dugout, and then back out to talk to himself on the mound.