Friday, October 17, 2008

And That Happened

Red Sox 8, Rays 7: Wow. This quote from Francona pretty much sums it up: "The first six innings we did nothing. They had their way with us every way possible. And then this place came unglued, and we've seen that before." Let's see, silver lining for the Rays . . . silver lining for the Rays . . . well, the whole Scott Kazmir experiment kinda worked, right? At least for a while?

At any rate, according to the game story, this comeback was the largest in a playoff game since 1929. And if the Rays don't win 1 of 2 in St. Petersburg, it will be the largest collapse since 1929 too. Or maybe 2004. Point in common: Don Zimmer was around for both of them, so the Rays should at least be well-counseled in how to handle this.

UPDATE: Damn, I was wrong. He left the Yankees in January 2004, so he wasn't around for the ALCS collapse. Remember that thing I wrote yesterday about how great the open source, self-correcting blogging world was? Well, sometimes I wish it wasn't so immediately self-correcting.


Levi Stahl said...

That was a hell of a game, almost single-handedly redeeming what has been a dreadfully dull postseason so far.

When the Rays went up 7-0, Chip Caray pointed out that some Sox fans were heading for the exits (though to be fair I didn't see that much movement on TV); the comeback was a reminder that you should never leave a game before it's over unless you're bleeding or security politely suggests it.

Alex said...

Good game, but all I have to say is: holy shit, Chip Caray is awful.

Ernesto said...

Carey is truly an idiot. Did anyone else catch when he said that Maddon's decision to walk Bay to get to Drew was "unconventional?" Really? What's unconventional about a lefty walking a righty with first base open to get to a lefty? His move was the definition of conventional.

Michael M said...

I remember having to put up with Caray's nonsense when he broadcasted Cubs games. I'm pretty sure Steve Stone strangled him on a daily basis.